Extension Dialing

An efficient and quick way to contact specific departments or individuals in your organization. Each individual can have a dedicated extension that allows internal and external callers to reach others quickly and direct.

Global companies

Companies that do business around the world can greatly benefit from extension dialing. No need to remember country codes and area codes. Simply dial the short extension number and reach those individuals immediately, hassle-free.

Enhances efficiency of business

Improve the mobility and consistency of your business with the aid of this service system. We cannot argue the fact that it is simply easier to dial an individual’s extension than it is to memorize their 10-digit phone number. Thus, saving time for more productive tasks at hand.

External Parties

This is proven useful when individuals outside of your organization want to reach someone within your organization without having to listen to automated prompts. The caller can simply dial the direct extension number which bypasses this barrier.


Spend less while connecting with colleagues, friends, and family without any extra or hidden charges.

Our Perks

  • Reliable audio calls – Receive and make your calls in HD regardless of your location
  • Switch between devices to receive calls – You can flip your calls between your mobile device and desktop with not more than a single tap through the help of the app
  • Check your voicemails with ease – Checking of voice messages just got more comfortable with the auto voicemail transcription
  • Retain your current line– Move all your contacts to your vortex account—no need to change numbers
  • Easy management in the admin portal – You can perform quality management operations, together in one place

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