Maintain your existing phone number when transferring services. We work with you every step of the way to ensure a smooth transition with no downtime. No cost when porting within the US and Canadian Territories.

Transfer your existing phone number without any interruptions to services.
We assist you throughout the process so just relax and let us do all the work.
Below are the benefits of porting a phone number.

Business Advantage

Give your business the advantage to streamline between communication providers without the hassle of informing existing customers and clients about the change.

Save time and money

No need to update business cards, website, or any other marketing material for your organization.

Landline or Virtual

The number can remain the same even if switching from a landline to our cloud-based VoIP system.

Our Perks

  • Reliable audio calls – Receive and make your calls in HD regardless of your location
  • Switch between devices to receive calls – You can flip your calls between your mobile device and desktop with not more than a single tap through the help of the app
  • Check your voicemails with ease – Checking of voice messages just got more comfortable with the auto voicemail transcription
  • Retain your current line– Move all your contacts to your vortex account—no need to change numbers
  • Easy management in the admin portal – You can perform quality management operations, together in one place

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