VorTex Features

VoIP Phones

Stay connected with our contemporary phone systems.
It’s your regular phone but better.
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Simple and convenient

You are able to use your business line across all of your favorite devices

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Ease of use

You can navigate and organize users and departments in a few minutes without needing to move around

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Never miss a call

Call management becomes comfortable with the use of extensions and automatic receptionist feature

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Save costs

You can save cost and which you would instead have spent on traditional phone systems

Our Perks

  • Reliable audio calls – Receive and make your calls in HD regardless of your location
  • Switch between devices to receive calls – You can flip your calls between your mobile device and desktop with not more than a single tap through the help of the app
  • Check your voicemails with ease – Checking of voice messages just got more comfortable with the auto voicemail transcription
  • Retain your current line– Move all your contacts to your vortex account—no need to change numbers
  • Easy management in the admin portal – You can perform quality management operations, together in one place

VorTex App

Take your business calls anywhere, anytime and never miss an important call. Included for free with your plan. An app designed to bring everything to you

You have everything from messages to video conferences to voice calls from any location and at any time. The fantastic features allow you to do more on any device regardless of your location and time.


Have all your conversations and activities in a single place. Share ideas deliver work with ease.

Team messages

Manage various tasks, share files and send messages to your team

Video conferences

You can hold a meeting right from the message section

Auto receptionist

Manage and never miss any off your calls or appointments.

Don’t let distance stop you

Carry on with your activities, manage projects, and track the progress of your team by starting a video meeting, sending messages, or with voice calls without needing to leave your current location. With the vortex app, communication is made easy and convenient.

  • Reliable audio and video calls - Receive and make your calls and video meetings in HD regardless of your location
  • Switch between devices to receive calls -You can flip your calls between your mobile device and desktop with not more than a single tap through the help of the app
  • Cost-effective -Save costs when you put together all your communications
  • Add and organize users - Invite and organize users, team members, as well as business partners from different locations
  • Get your analytics in real-time -You can perform quality management operations, track the quality of service and so much more together in one place
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Messaging (SMS/Chat)

Send and Receive text messages on your business number rather than your personal. You can also chat in real time with your customers, family, or friends directly from the same interface.

Collaboration comes easy with our platform. You can run your collaborations and team activities like you would if you were in the same building regardless of your location.

Run collaborations from any location

Connect and be on the same page with our messaging platform regardless of your location. It works on all of your devices

Share your work

The drag and drop feature allows you to share files with your collaborating team. You can also pin important or urgent documents and can also share data from your cloud storage like google drive.

Keep track of essential tasks and progress

The task management feature that has been built in allows you to easily give task assignments, reschedule projects, and keep stakeholders updated.

Designed for any type of team regardless of the size

Put together a team for anything and everything

Create conversations and organize them into sections like topics or projects.

  • No limit to guest users - There is no limit to the guests you can add allowing you to invite your business partners and clients and keep them updated
  • Files can be edited in real-time - You can make changes to files on the platform and have them organized in order of projects
  • You don't need to switch apps - You can make use of tools like google drive from the vortex app without needing to switch apps
  • Your archive stores it all - You can search by using keywords and use filters to narrow out your results by email or names
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Remote meetings have never been more accessible. Invite participants with a simple click of a button to add and begin a meeting on the fly. A high definition face to face meeting from anywhere, anytime.

Video and audio in HD

Get the same experience you would have if you were in the same room over an efficient HD communication system

Easy and convenient

Create or join meetings and video conversations with just a simple tap on the app. It's really that simple.

No device or location is left out

Regardless of the device you are using, or where you are, connecting with people is made easier, faster and convenient by allowing you to switch between your phone and PC with a quick click.

Ease of connection and collaboration

Connect with your team, family, or friends, regardless of your location.

Connect with any hangout or meeting without any hassle

  • Ease of connection and collaboration - Connect with your team, family, or friends, regardless of your location.
  • Record your meetings - Have your meetings recorded with the streaming and unlimited recording feature
  • Attend meetings on the go - Join meetings or hangouts while on the move
  • Share your screen - Split your screen and multitask, perform some operations or tasks
  • Switching meetings across devices - Have your live meetings switched across any of your devices
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Simplify your business communication by using your designated number to send and receive faxes online without the hassle of a physical fax machine.

Receive and send your faxes easily across your devices. No hardware required.


No need for maintenance, repairs, paper, or toner.

Send faxes in real-time

Faxes are now sent and received across all devices quickly and in real-time. No busy signals or retry attempts.

Receive faxes on any device

All your favorite devices can receive faxes at any time and any location.

Access Fax by email

Receive and send faxes by email and access them easily and conveniently.

Designed for any type of team regardless of the size.

  • Accepted file types for Fax - Most common file types are accepted such as pdf, jpeg, png, tiff, xlsx, docx and more
  • Switch between devices to receive calls – You can flip your calls between your mobile device and desktop with not more than a single tap through the help of the app
  • No pc required - Receiving Fax doesn't require you to use a PC. You can receive them on your mobile like on a pc
  • Fax on mobile - Access your Fax across any of your devices at any time, regardless of your current location
  • Access fax anywhere - You can make changes to files on the platform and have them organized in order of projects

Extension Dialing

An efficient and quick way to contact specific departments or individuals in your organization. Each individual can have a dedicated extension that allows internal and external callers to reach others quickly and direct.

Global companies

Companies that do business around the world can greatly benefit from extension dialing. No need to remember country codes and area codes. Simply dial the short extension number and reach those individuals immediately, hassle-free.

Enhances efficiency of business

Improve the mobility and consistency of your business with the aid of this service system. We cannot argue the fact that it is simply easier to dial an individual’s extension than it is to memorize their 10-digit phone number. Thus, saving time for more productive tasks at hand.

External Parties

This is proven useful when individuals outside of your organization want to reach someone within your organization without having to listen to automated prompts. The caller can simply dial the direct extension number which bypasses this barrier.


Spend less while connecting with colleagues, friends, and family without any extra or hidden charges.

Our extension dialing feature benefits

  • Create a Better Experience - Connect callers to the right person quickly with the touch of a few buttons using either attended transfer or blind transfer
  • Secure Your Calls - With Failover to Mobile, extensions can be forwarded to any working phone number or mobile device
  • Available with Softphone - FastPBX softphone allows you to take calls straight from your computer
  • Create Local or National Presence - Whether it's remote employees, different sites, or different countries, extension dialing allows callers to connect with customers and prospects without them ever knowing the party’s actual location
  • Never Miss a Call Again - Business owners and their employees can take their extensions with them anywhere that has an internet connection


Maintain your existing phone number when transferring services. We work with you every step of the way to ensure a smooth transition with no downtime. No cost when porting within the US and Canadian Territories.

Transfer your existing phone number without any interruptions to services.
We assist you throughout the process so just relax and let us do all the work.
Below are the benefits of porting a phone number.

Business Advantage

Give your business the advantage to streamline between communication providers without the hassle of informing existing customers and clients about the change.

Save time and money

No need to update business cards, website, or any other marketing material for your organization.

Landline or Virtual

The number can remain the same even if switching from a landline to our cloud-based VoIP system.

Phone Numbers

Millions of phone numbers along with industry-leading phone number management tools.

Automated ordering and porting let you focus on what makes your business great.

  • Automated porting & provisioning – Nobody loves porting. But with Bandwidth, porting is happy. We give you the freedom and flexibility to choose the date and time your phone numbers are activated, putting you in control and giving you a Happy Porting experience.
  • Number & porting experts on your team - We understand telecom so you don’t have to. We know that porting numbers can be frustrating, which is why we have a dedicated team ready to help. The ONLY dedicated porting team in the industry solves porting hold-ups and maintains carrier-relationships, getting you back to business fast
  • Industry leading dashboard - Managing your phone numbers can be a full-time job. The Bandwidth Dashboard makes phone number management easy, allowing you to see what numbers you have, search our inventory using all kinds of different criteria, order with the click of a button, and provision numbers instantaneously for real-time use. The best part: use our APIs to integrate the whole Dashboard experience right into your tools.

Visual Voicemail

Directly setup your voicemail on your VOIP phone or VorTex App. Messages are conveniently accessible from your App even when you are away from the office.

Time Saving

Save time by reviewing your messages and missed calls from a single location without the hassle of going through confusing prompts.

Global Flexibility

We provide a simple mobile integration app with your device. If your employees are working remotely or on business trips, they will still be able to access voicemail from their dedicated company phone line. Employees or individuals can maintain communication with their clients even if they are on a plane, or in a hotel room halfway across the globe.

Simple Forwarding

If someone leaves a message with a wrong contact, you can simply forward the message on directly from the interface to the appropriate personnel.

Management of content

Easily manage your voicemails as they are listed in accordance to date and time.

VorTex Visual Voicemail

How VorTex visual voicemail works

When you receive a voicemail on your extension, our automated system transcribes it and sends you an email. The transcription appears in the body of the email, along with the phone number and an attachment of the recorded message as an audio fil

  • Discreet – Empowers you to quickly receive and quietly review your voicemail on any device on which you receive email
  • Number & porting experts on your team - Protects privacy as no live agents are involved in the automated transcription process
  • Industry leading dashboard - Lets you forward voicemail messages from your email
  • Eliminate Confusion - Have you ever received a message that was difficult to understand? Visual voicemail allows you to transcribe your messages to text so that they can easily be understood.